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Care for Children and Young Adults in Hartford, CT

When you are raising a child with a disability, it is often difficult to take a break and find some time for yourself. However, the question is how can you find a reliable person to take care of your child well while you are gone? Thankfully, EverCare of Connecticut offers care services for children and young adults in New Britain/Greater Hartford and surrounding areas so you can get a needed break from caregiving.

Why You Need a Break

We understand it is difficult to hand over such responsibility to another person. You probably believe you are the only person up to the task and no one could replace you. Nevertheless, every caretaker needs some time off otherwise you can get a caregiver burnout and feel both emotionally and mentally drained.

Care for Children and Young Adults

When you take a break from caregiving every now and then to recharge the batteries, you will enjoy taking care of your child more. Children will also benefit from meeting people forming new friendships. Don’t let yourself dive into caregiver burnout. Take a break from time to time and avoid issues such as anxiety, depression, mental and physical exhaustion.

Care Services for Children and Younger Adults

EverCare of Connecticut provides several caregiver services for children and younger adults in New Britain/Greater Hartford and surrounding areas and the surrounding area. They include:

  • a caregiver who drops your child off at school, hospital, and other facilities
  • a caregiver who takes care of your child in the comfort of your home, usually daily, weekly or when needed.

Get in touch with EverCare of Connecticut and learn more about our services. Our caregivers are certified, highly-skilled, and have years of experience working with children and younger adults with disabilities. You can peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands and enjoy your time off.

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